U.S. House leader confirms Isakson's VA bill will soon head to Trump's desk

Senator Johnny Isakson is likely to see a key bill of his signed by the President very soon. 

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy confirmed on Wednesday that Congress would approve a bill making it easier for V.A. leaders to fire or discipline under-performing employees. 

Under the legislation, the V.A. Secretary would have greater ability to address poor performance among staff. It will also require new training on the protection of whistleblowers, and forbids bonuses or relocation expenses to be paid out to employees found guilty of wrongdoing. 

Senator Isakson, who chairs the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, sponsored the measure. It passed easily by a voice vote in the Senate on Tuesday. 

“Americans who fought for our country deserve to have the best care available to them,” Sen. Isakson said. “Too often, the VA’s inability to hold bad actors accountable has undermined its mission to deliver on this promise to our nation’s veterans."