Straw poll points to an early GOP favorite for governor: Hunter Hill

Over the weekend, delegates of the Georgia Republican Convention revealed a (very) early favorite in the 2018 governor's race. The surprise winner? State Senator Hunter Hill. 

Hill took 28 percent of the vote, while 27 percent of participants said they were undecided. Secretary of State Brian Kemp gathered the next highest response with 24 percent. Trailing at a distance were Lt. Governor Casey Cagle (10 percent) and State Senator Michael Williams (9 percent). Republican strategist Nick Ayers, who has not announced a run for governor but is said to be mulling a bid, captured 2 percent. 

In an email sent to supporters on Tuesday, Hill said his campaign message is resonating with Georgians. 

"This straw poll proves that Georgian’s are ready to shake things up in Atlanta. We are tired of electing status quo, career politicians that continue to give us the same results," Hill said. 

Though Hill will face the challenge of increasing a low name I.D. across the state, the straw poll is a positive indication that many in the GOP base could get behind him if he continues to gain momentum. 

Meanwhile, the straw poll also showed that GAGOP delegates overwhelmingly support Senate President Pro Tem David Shafer for Lt. Governor and State Senator Josh McKoon (who has not yet announced a run for higher office) for Secretary of State. 

You can check out the full results for yourself here. 

Christy RigginsComment