Jon Ossoff refuses opportunity to debate Karen Handel on CNN

In the race for Tom Price's former House seat, Democrat Jon Ossoff once challenged his Republican opponent, Karen Handel, to six debates. Here's what he said at the time: 

“I believe that part of bringing fresh leadership and accountability to Washington is to engage with as many voters as possible, which is why our people-powered community of volunteers has talked to more than one hundred thousand 6th District Georgians over the past four months."

Now, Ossoff is backing away from an opportunity to appear on a CNN-broadcasted debate, which would have been hosted by the Atlanta Press Club. According to the organization, Handel confirmed her participation on May 31. 

"We regret Jon Ossoff has declined to be a part of this debate, which would have helped inform the voters of Georgia's Sixth Congressional District and engaged viewers around the country," the Atlanta Press Club said in a statement. 

The debate would have been held on June 13, just one week out from the runoff election.