Trump signs Georgia lawmaker's VA accountability bill into law

On Friday, President Trump signed Johnny Isakson's VA accountability bill, known as the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, into law. The measure's approval now means that VA leaders must evaluate supervisors based on the protection of whistleblowers. Additionally, managers will be rewarded for properly addressing poor performance among staff. 

“This is yet another positive step forward for our veterans,” said Isakson. “I want to thank my colleagues in Congress, VA Secretary Shulkin and President Trump for their support of this legislation and dedication to increasing accountability at the VA. We owe our veterans the best possible care and support that they have earned. By helping to instill a culture of accountability at the VA, we can see to it that we deliver on that promise.”

During the bill signing ceremony, Trump said the bill was about "keeping promises" to veterans. 

"So this is something that we are all very proud to be signing.  It's a tremendous honor for me," he said. "And we're taking care of our veterans, and we're taking care of them properly."

You can check out the moment below: 



Christy Riggins