Hice introduces bill allowing members of Congress to carry firearms almost anywhere

In the wake of a horrific shooting targeted against Republican members of Congress, Georgia Rep. Jody Hice has introduced legislation that would allow U.S. lawmakers to carry firearms mostly anywhere. The only exception: the Capitol building. 

“Personal protection and being able to defend oneself against an assailant is part of the fabric of our Constitution, which is why I am an ardent believer in the Second Amendment,” said Congressman Hice. “While Members of Congress are all average Americans, it is clear that we also have a bull's eye on our backs. In light of recent events, it’s incredibly important that Congressmen and women maintain the ability to provide for their own safety, regardless of the city or state.”

The legislation, titled the Congressional Personal Safety Act, was introduced on June 20th. 

“The Congressional Personal Safety Act will grant elected officials the authority to carry a firearm anywhere in America, except for the Capitol,” Hice said. “Simply put, the right to bear arms is a right to self-defense, and I’m proud to spearhead this measure.”

The bill awaits action in the House Judiciary Committee.