DCCC throwing $1 million more into attacks against Karen Handel

More attack ads are about to hit the airwaves in Atlanta. 

Roll Call reported on Wednesday that the Democratic National Campaign Committee will throw another $1 million into TV and digital attacks against Republican Congressional candidate Karen Handel. 

It seems as though they'll continue to push an ad that portrays Handel as "another self-serving politician," though claims in the spot have shown to be distortions of the truth.   

Earlier this week, it was reported that Ossoff's campaign reserved $5.2 million worth of airtime for TV and radio ahead of the runoff against Handel. Meanwhile, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce- a group whose endorsement was sought by Ossoff- says that they will run $1 million in ads favoring Handel. 

Ad spending in the Sixth Congressional District has been so overwhelming, 11Alive actually added a temporary news broadcast to accommodate the demand. 

The runoff election takes place on June 20.