'Lying Jon Ossoff': Handel campaign trolls Democrat opponent on Snapchat

On Thursday, Democrat congressional candidate Jon Ossoff planned to open his Johns Creek campaign location. That was also the day Republican Karen Handel's campaign set up a trolling Snapchat geofilter aimed at calling out his "lies."

Handel's campaign says the Snapchat filter, which portrays Ossoff as a cartoon Pinocchio, follows a recent Fox5 interview where the Democrat doubled down on claims that he served in an important national security role while working as a staffer for Rep. Hank Johnson. It's a narrative that has been called "misleading" and "resume puffery" by Washington Post fact checkers. 

"It's no secret Jon Ossoff has problems with the truth," said Handel spokeswoman Kate Constantini. "It's about time Georgia voters saw Ossoff for what he really is - a dangerous liberal who will say anything to get elected."

The runoff between Handel and Ossoff takes place on June 20th. 

Check out the filter below: