Local paper, State Senator may have thwarted attempt to suppress GOP early voting

DeKalb County has expanded early voting hours for one GOP-heavy location after State Senator Fran Millar (R- Dunwoody) and a local newspaper cried foul over what appeared to be an attempt to limit Republican ballots cast.

The controversy arose after DeKalb County elections officials added three early voting locations in addition to their original two. Of them, the only one situated in a mostly Republican area of the county was scheduled to operate for one week, while the others-- all Democrat-friendly precincts-- would have opened for a total of three weeks ahead of the June 20th runoff. 

After the glaring issue was pointed out by the Dunwoody Crier, election officials claimed that the one-week-only polling place was simply the result of a scheduling conflict. According to them, the space normally reserved for voting-- the Dunwoody Library-- was instead booked for events. That was when Senator Millar volunteered to find a location that could operate for the full three weeks. He was ultimately successful, locking in a space two blocks away from the Library.  

Early voting begins on May 30 and lasts until June 16. 

The runoff election between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff is expected to be a very tight one. While the left has attempted to trivialize GOP complaints about the decision to allow new early voting locations, it's clear to see why those concerns existed in the first place. 

You can read more about the fiasco at the Dunwoody Crier.