Democratic polling firm says Ossoff has one point edge over Handel

A Democratic polling firm with ties to Jon Ossoff's campaign says that the left-leaning candidate is currently pulling ahead of former GOP Secretary of State Karen Handel by a mere point. 

In a survey conducted from April 23 to 26, Ossoff holds 48 percent support while Handel garners 47 percent. 

“Part of Ossoff’s success in earning 48% in the April special election was his ability to drive turnout among voters who do not typically vote in special elections or midterms,” the polling memo said. “According to voter file results, 25% of all voters who participated in the April special election voted in 2016, but had not voted in 2014. In the current polling of run-off voters, Ossoff holds at 12-point lead over Handel among these voters.”

This is not the first time Anzalone Liszt Grove has dipped its toes in the Sixth District race. In March, the company conducted a focus group aimed at understanding how some older former Romney voters (ages 55 to 74) voted for Clinton in November. They later led another focus group among local voters in hopes of learning how to keep voters between the ages of 18 to 45 motivated ahead of the midterm elections.  

The runoff election between Ossoff and Handel will take place on June 20. 

See the poll results for yourself here: