Handel releases an ad pushing back on Ossoff's 'women's health' attack

Just after Democrat Jon Ossoff released an ad bashing Karen Handel for her fight to remove funding from Planned Parenthood, the Republican candidate has released a response ad. 

The spot features Anne Lewis, a friend of Handel's who is fighting cancer. It will run through digital advertising. 

“I’m currently fighting cancer and when I see ads attacking Karen Handel they make me sick,” Lewis says in the ad. “Karen is one of the strongest advocates for women’s health I know. She stands up for us and she stands by us when we need her most. I know because she’s one of my best friends. Ignore the attacks, let’s elect a woman we can count on.”

Yesterday, we highlighted how Ossoff's attack called Handel's push to defund Planned Parenthood "unforgivable." Meanwhile, he's received significant support from the abortion provider. 

Check out the ad above.