Georgia Congressmen express skepticism over latest Trump controversies

Some Georgia Congressmen are getting frustrated with repeated press leaks that have led to controversy surrounding the White House. In a recent interview, Representatives Barry Loudermilk and Doug Collins indicated they're ready to move past allegations of scandal and focus on the GOP agenda. 

Rep. Loudermilk said he fears the media chaos surrounding President Trump is creating a distraction. 

"It's beginning to be a circus that's targeted toward an administration that's actually beginning to move the ball and get some things done in this country," Rep. Loudermilk told WSBTV. 

In a later interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he expressed skepticism over the truthfulness over the infamous "Comey memo," and has concerns over the national security implications of continuous press leaks.  

"No one has seen the memo except the news media, which is kind of interesting..." he said. “The real issue we have is we have major leaks that, in my opinion, could be considered treason." 

Meanwhile, Rep. Collins told the Gainesville Times that he has his own doubts about the report, but also believes that Congress has a duty to investigate. 

“I think there are concerns,” Collins told The Times about the news. “I think we’re going to address those. With the new revelations from Comey, the relevant committees — the oversight committee, the judiciary committee — are going to be looking into those and actually getting copies of the documents.”