Amid media turmoil, Georgia Senator offers defense for Trump

David Perdue has long been one of Donald Trump's strongest supporters. Now that the President is facing a wave of backlash over reports that he exposed national security secrets in a meeting with Russian officials, the Georgia Senator wants to remind voters of the Administration's accomplishments so far. 

“He's an outsider in this process as I am, and I will tell you I give him high marks in the first four months in office,” Senator Perdue told Fox News host Neil Cavuto during an interview on Tuesday. 

Perdue praised Trump for his efforts to drive the economy, reestablish American interests on a global playing field, and confirm a conservative Supreme Court justice. When pressed over whether or not Trump should be more careful with the information he shares, Perdue said that "anybody would have to grow into" the presidency. 

"This is a president that has surprised people time and time again, and he's going to continue to do that," he said. 

You can watch the interview below: