Senator Perdue sponsors bill redirecting Sanctuary City funds toward border wall

Georgia Senator David Perdue is pushing a bill that would cut funds from jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal law and instead redirect those dollars to pay for a U.S.-Mexico border wall. 

The Securing the Border and Protecting Our Communities Act, which is co-sponsored by Alabama Senator Luther Strange, would prohibit certain federal transportation grant funds from being made available to sanctuary cities. Rather, the money would be reallocated toward construction of a wall on the Southern Border.

“Sanctuary cities continue to put politics over safety and security,” said Perdue.

He added that the legislation partially takes aim at cities or states that seek to punish companies for participating in the construction of the wall. So far, California, New York, and Rhode Island state lawmakers have pushed bills that would handicap businesses that help advance the wall’s construction.

“In their latest attempt at political grandstanding, sanctuary cities are threatening to penalize their own taxpaying local businesses if they submit plans to help enhance our border security with a wall," he said. "Our nation is a nation of laws. Until these cities join the rest of us in following these laws, they have no business receiving federal grant funds.”