New poll shows close race between Handel and Ossoff, GOP uniting

A new poll shows that Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff are virtually tied five weeks ahead of the runoff election for the Sixth Congressional District.   

Released on Sunday by Gravis Marketing, the survey placed Handel a mere two points behind Ossoff, who captured 47 percent support compared to her 45 percent. 

However, between the two candidates, Handel vastly surpasses the Democrat newcomer when it comes to favorability. 

"Handel holds a surprising lead in the favorability rating, with 41% of respondents giving Handel a favorable rating and only 35% giving her an unfavorable rating. The results are flipped when discussing Ossoff. Respondents gave Ossoff a 40% favorability rating and a 45% unfavorability rating," the report says. 

The poll also shows that, despite a particularly contentious special election, Republicans are uniting behind the GOP candidate. 

"Ms. Handel has been able to keep 87% of individuals that voted for her, 94% of individuals that voted for Hill, 85% of individuals that voted for Gray, and 90% of individuals that voted for Moody," the report noted. 

The runoff election takes place on June 20th.