Georgia is one of the worst states to be a police officer

It's a difficult time to serve as a police officer, but it may be even harder for those in Georgia. 

A new study from WalletHub ranks the best and worst states to wear a blue uniform. Unfortunately, Georgia is 43rd on the list. 

The study considers 20 key indicators of police-friendliness, such as opportunity, competition, and job hazards and protections. Quality of life was another major factor in the state's ranking, and Georgia scored dead last in that category. Additionally, the state ranked 40th for state and local police expenses per capita, and 41st in police deaths per 1,000 officers. 

The analysis will likely not come as a surprise to many in the law enforcement community, who were unable to secure a pay raise during the last legislative session. According to the report, the Peach State is the fourth lowest for median income of police officers. 

Source: WalletHub