Governor announces I-85 will reopen by Monday, gives shout-out to Trump

On Wednesday, Governor Deal had great news for traffic-weary Georgians: the collapsed I-85 bridge will open five weeks sooner than expected. The announcement means that the project will be complete six weeks after a chair fire brought down the interstate and ruined the commutes of countless drivers. 

“While this situation has been a tremendous challenge, the response from the people of Georgia has been nothing less than remarkable,” said Governor Deal. “It is extraordinary that in just six weeks, this critical piece of infrastructure is nearly ready to reopen for motorist use following the fire and bridge collapse."

While thanking officials for making the bridge rebuilding project a success, the Governor also acknowledged President Trump and his Administration, who quickly offered millions of federal dollars to address the crisis. 

"I am grateful to President Trump and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao for providing the financial assistance necessary to complete the bridge on an expedited timeframe," Deal said. 

The expedited re-opening timeline is expected to save taxpayers $27 million.