Georgia 'Sanctuary Campuses' are no more

Georgia colleges and universities that had been considering “sanctuary campus” status may soon need to revisit their plans. On Thursday, Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill eliminating funding for colleges that adopt policies shielding students who are in the country illegally.

House Bill 37 takes aim at universities like Emory, Agnes Scott, and Armstrong State. All flirted with labeling themselves as sanctuary institutions after President Trump signaled that he would take action to crack down on illegal immigration.

“Such withholding of state funding shall include funds provided to the private postsecondary institution directly as well as funding for scholarships, loans, and grants pursuant to this chapter for students of such private postsecondary institution,” the bill states.

From the beginning, the University System of Georgia refused support "sanctuary" status for state colleges.

“The University System of Georgia and its institutions have always abided by the law and will continue to do so,” USG said in December. “We expect our institutions to follow the law and cooperate with all federal and state agencies. As public employees we have a duty to uphold the law.”