Private family planes and yachts? Report calls Ossoff a 'child of privilege'

It's no secret that Jon Ossoff's campaign has been flush with cash from the moment he entered the race for Tom Price's House seat, but a local newspaper finds that he's no stranger to a padded bank account. 

A new story in the Dunwoody Crier takes aim at Jon Ossoff's wealthy background, naming the Democrat congressional candidate as a "child of privilege."

The Crier reports that Ossoff's family owns a town house in Washington D.C., multiple yachts, and even a Cessna, which was purchased in New Hampshire- supposedly in effort to dodge taxes that would have been charged if the plane was bought in Georgia.

"If Gov. Nathan Deal signs a bill passed this year, the family could have its boats repaired in Savannah," the Crier's Dick Williams points out. 

The paper also found that the Democrat's family uses multiple LLCs to "avoid taxes and shield personal assets." It's ironic, considering that Ossoff has railed against tax loopholes on the campaign trail.

“Well to the extent there is tax reform, for example, to eliminate carve outs and special treatment in the tax code," Ossoff said at a March 19 congressional forum. "And the tax code is quite complex because large organizations with access to Congress have been able to manipulate it over a long period of time. And the tax reform process should seek to remove those instances of special treatment in order to ensure that there is a level playing field."

An RNC ad against Ossoff had grazed over the candidate's family fortune, though little has been known about the extent of his wealth until now.