Déjà vu: Like Jim Barksdale, Jon Ossoff challenges GOP opponent to 6 debates

Jon Ossoff seems to be pulling a tactic out of failed Democrat Senate candidate Jim Barksdale's playbook these days. Like Barksdale, he's challenging his Republican counterpart to a series of 6 debates. 

“I believe that part of bringing fresh leadership and accountability to Washington is to engage with as many voters as possible, which is why our people-powered community of volunteers has talked to more than one hundred thousand 6th District Georgians over the past four months,” Ossoff said in a statement.

Barksdale, who ran a campaign against Senator Johnny Isakson in the 2016 election, also demanded six debates across the state. He didn't get them, though Democrats similarly argued that Georgia would turn purple thanks to "anti-Trump energy." Ultimately, he only garnered 41 percent of the vote, losing to Isakson.

Meanwhile, Republican Karen Handel seems willing to meet the challenge. 

“We welcome any chance to highlight Jon Ossoff's inexperience and are excited to have a robust debate on the issues,” Handel's campaign responded. “He can start by explaining why he want's to represent a district he doesn't even live in and how we should expect him to represent a conservative district when his campaign is fueled by the far left fringes of his party.”