Hill responds to Columbus mayor: 'All pro-business Republicans support Karen Handel'

Thanks to a single tweet, former State Senator Judson Hill is pushing back against the Democratic Mayor of Columbus Teresa Tomlinson, who recently suggested that "business Republicans" could help Jon Ossoff win the race for Tom Price's House seat. 

Here was Senator Hill's response: 

Hill was one of the top GOP contenders for the Sixth Congressional District seat, having won 9 percent of the vote. He and other former candidates have now pledged their support to Handel. 

In a recent interview on MSNBC, the Columbus Mayor said she believes that the area's moderate GOP base could somehow abandon Republican candidate Karen Handel. 

"Those are moderate Republicans up there," Tomlinson said. "I think a lot of the national coverage has been stressing that it's a predominantly Republican district, and historically that has been true... But you're talking 'business Republicans' to the extent that they're Republicans. It's not a heavy ideological district."

Tomlinson is said to be mulling a run for governor or secretary of state in 2018.