Columbus Mayor believes "business Republicans" could help flip CD-6

Democratic Mayor of Columbus Teresa Tomlinson, who is said to be considering a run for statewide office, is chiming in over Jon Ossoff's chances to win Congressional District 6 in the upcoming June runoff. According to her, "business Republicans" could help turn Tom Price's seat blue. 

In the April 18 special election, Ossoff exceeded expectations in the traditionally red district by gaining 48 percent of the vote. Though most speculate that winning a runoff against Karen Handel will be an uphill battle for the Democratic candidate, Tomlinson believes that the area's moderate GOP base could still somehow abandon the former Republican Secretary of State. 

"Those are moderate Republicans up there," Tomlinson said during an interview on MSNBC's "AM Joy." "I think a lot of the national coverage has been stressing that it's a predominantly Republican district, and historically that has been true... But you're talking 'business Republicans' to the extent that they're Republicans. It's not a heavy ideological district."

The gaping hole in Tomlinson's theory can be found in the suggestion that Jon Ossoff is a moderate candidate. Though he's tried to avoid being labeled as a progressive, he's received prominent financial and ground support from Nancy Pelosi, Planned Parenthood, the Daily Kos, and anti-Trump Hollywood celebrities. 

In all, Ossoff spent $5.3 million of his campaign's money in an attempt to avoid a runoff in the district, averaging $57 per vote. Though he vastly outspent Republican candidates, the GOP still turned out in higher numbers, which prevented him from claiming the seat. 

Tomlinson's increased visibility in support of Ossoff may suggest that she is close to deciding whether or not she will seek higher office in 2018. Just a couple of weeks ago, she indicated that officials with national Democratic Party approached her about considering a statewide run. She confirmed that she may run for governor or secretary of state. 

Check out Tomlinson's full interview here