Ossoff refuses to say whether or not he'd support Pelosi

Democrats haven't been shy about promoting what an Ossoff win in Georgia would mean to their national brand. Should their candidate claim victory over a seat that has been held by strong GOP leaders for over 30 years, their party would no doubt catch a wind of much-needed momentum. That's why Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders have made their support for Ossoff clear. However, he doesn't appear to reciprocate. 

During a CNN interview on Thursday, Ossoff repeatedly dodged questions about whether or not he would cast a vote for Pelosi as House Speaker. 

“I haven’t given it an ounce of thought, and we are a long way from taking back the House,” Ossoff told host Ana Cabrera, adding that he is focused on his current race.

“But that is how Democrats get things done right? If you’re to be part of that governing body,” Cabrera responded. 

When pressed further, he still refused to say whether he would cast a vote for Pelosi. 

It's actually a worthy question, considering that Pelosi once hosted a fundraiser for Ossoff, and also donated $7,000 of her own money to his campaign. 

In trying to win a majority of support from Georgia's deep red Sixth District, watch Ossoff continue to try and appear as a moderate, despite having the support of Pelosi and other far-left interests like the Daily Kos and Planned Parenthood.