University System of Georgia looks to improve efficiency

It was jokingly pointed out that while most of us are groaning over a two percent tuition hike that recently passed through the University System of Georgia (USG), another recent decision from the state's higher ed authority aims at saving Georgians money. 

USG Chancellor Steve Wrigley announced on Tuesday the launch of a "Comprehensive Administrative Review," aimed at streamlining processes and creating efficiencies within the agency. 

“I believe our institutions work hard to use resources wisely, but we can always do better, and that is what I am challenging us to do,” said Wrigley. “Ultimately, we need to offer academic excellence, but we must be efficient, too.”

Inside Higher Ed reported that USG officials do not yet know how much money they will save, and haven't ruled out job cuts or position eliminations. The first phase of the review process will begin in the fall, and will be led by a panel of professors and other leaders from state universities and colleges. 

When any form of government creates more efficiency and cuts back on waste, it's always a good thing.