Trump's 2016 Georgia chair pulls for Handel

In the final moments of the race to replace Tom Price, former Secretary of State Karen Handel has received a boost of support from one of Trump's top Georgia campaigners. 

On Monday, Handel's campaign put out a press release touting support from Rayna Casey, who co-chaired Trump's Peach State effort. 

“During the 2016 election, I supported President Donald Trump and his promise to shake up Washington and get things done," Casey said. "This is the same reason I now endorse Karen Handel, an independent-minded leader with a proven record of getting results. She has a track record of taking on the status quo and the experience needed to deliver for the people of the 6th District.”

Handel's opponents have often jabbed at her lack of Trumpiness on the campaign trail. Karen Giorno, who once served as a senior adviser for then-candidate Trump and is now campaigning for Bob Gray, chided Handel for not supporting the Republican nominee more in 2016. 

"Karen Handel is just not a Trump person. She's never been a Trump person. She hasn't come out for Donald Trump. She calls herself a courageous conservative, which I think is really funny because if she was courageous, she would have gone out there and rolled up her sleeves and supported and campaigned for Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton. She didn't," Giorno said. "She's not the right person to beat the Democrat."

Many politicos have questioned whether a strongly pro-Trump campaign would have much appeal in the Sixth Congressional District, which pulled for Marco Rubio in the presidential primary. 

We may know our answer later today.