Fmr. Congressman Allen West to host fundraiser for GAGOP candidate

Michael McNeely, the first vice chairman of the GAGOP, is vying to become the party's first minority chair. Now, he's announced that former Republican Congressman Allen West will host a fundraising event to benefit his campaign.

West, a native Georgian, said that McNeely would "help draw more women and minorities into the party.”

“He is in touch with the grassroots and its desire to elect more candidates who are principled Constitutional conservatives that honor the fundamental value of individual liberty," West said. "Michael will draft candidates who will serve the interests of the citizens, not that of special interests or ideologies antithical to the American ideal."

West will host the event on April 28 ahead of an NRA speaking engagement. 

McNeely has said that, if elected to the party's top leadership spot, he would work to draft conservative candidates who will cut taxes and business regulations, and "support school choice for all children."

Other candidates running for GAGOP chair include GOP strategist John Watson and eKalb attorney Alex Johnson.