Former U.N. Ambassador takes a shot at Ossoff over exaggerated resume

As backlash continues to grow over Jon Ossoff and his puffed-up resume, a seasoned national security expert is speaking out.

On Thursday, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said that the controversy surrounding the Democrat congressional hopeful has raised his eyebrows. He believes that Ossoff exaggerated his experience, as other reports have shown.

“In these critical times, America needs serious, national security-minded Members of Congress who have the experience and expertise to enact policies that will protect our country,” said Bolton. “Despite his many claims to the contrary, Jon Ossoff is not serious. He has wrongfully inflated his resume, touting five years of national security experience and top-secret national security clearance — before backtracking and saying his clearance only lasted 5 months — deceiving many Georgians in the process.”

Ambassador Bolton added, “experience aside, Georgians in the 6th Congressional District deserve a representative who will be honest and open at all times.”

Bolton told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he felt like he needed to speak out ahead of the April 18 special election to replace Tom Price.

“I saw the commotion over the distortions in the claims about national security expertise by Ossoff,” Bolton said in an interview. “I care so much about this issue that while I’m not taking sides among any of the Republicans (in the race) I just think this is something that needs to be highlighted.”

Bolton is not endorsing a Republican in the race, though he floated a possible contribution to help prevent Ossoff from winning.