Former Trump senior adviser campaigning for Bob Gray

With days left until the special election in Congressional District 6, well-known politicos from across the country have made their way to Georgia in hopes of boosting their candidates. Over the weekend, Newt Gingrich made a call for Judson Hill. Obama's former U.S. Housing and Urban Development secretary Julian Castro rallied crowds or Jon Ossoff. Meanwhile, a top strategist for Trump's 2016 campaign canvassed for former Johns Creek Councilman Bob Gray. 

Karen Giorno once worked as a senior adviser and Florida chief strategist for the Trump campaign, and has received much credit for taking the Sunshine State away from Marco Rubio in the 2016 primary election. On Friday, she told zpolitics that she believed Gray was the only Republican who could prevent the Sixth District from flipping. 

"The Democrats are putting a lot of money into this race," Giorno said. "They see it as an opportunity and the individual who wins this primary on the Republican side is going to determine whether or not we keep this seat. I think the only person who can deliver is Bob Gray."

Throughout the special election, Gray's pro-Trump credentials have come under fire, as some candidates have attempted to label Gray as a "Never Trumper." However, Giorno fired back against claims that he failed to support the firebrand GOP presidential nominee.  

"Donald Trump was the nominee in July and Bob Gray was right there in support, rolling up his sleeves, making phone calls, canvassing and doing all the things that someone would do on a grassroots level," she said. "No one asked him to do it. He volunteered to do it."

"For somebody who runs campaigns and is a strategist, there's no higher respect I can give someone than to volunteer inside of a campaign office. It's grunt work. It's thankless sometimes, but it moves the numbers," Giorno added. 

The former Trump adviser also took a shot or two at Karen Handel, who has tied with Gray in a series of polls ahead of Tuesday's election. 

"Karen Handel is just not a Trump person. She's never been a Trump person. She hasn't come out for Donald Trump. She calls herself a courageous conservative, which I think is really funny because if she was courageous, she would have gone out there and rolled up her sleeves and supported and campaigned for Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton. She didn't," Giorno said. "She's not the right person to beat the Democrat."