Exclusive: Weekend poll shows Gray may take the lead in CD-6

With less than 24 hours until Election Day, a new zpolitics and Clout Research poll shows that Republicans may have a new front runner in the race to replace Tom Price. 

According to the report, Democrat Jon Ossoff remains the strong favorite ahead of the election, holding on to 41 percent of voter support. Among Republicans, former Johns Creek Councilman Bob Gray now appears to be edging ahead of former Secretary of State Karen Handel. Gray took the lead with 17 percent voter favor, while Handel slightly dipped to 15 percent. 

Meanwhile, former State Senator Judson Hill is pulling 10 percent support, while former State Senator Dan Moody trails with 9 percent. Businessman David Abroms has 3 percent backing within the District, while former Trump Diversity Coalition leader Bruce Level has 1 percent of the vote. Former State Senator Ron Slotin, the only other prominent-ish Democrat in the running, pulled only 1 percent.

While Gray's numbers have moved ahead of Handel's, Clout pollster Fritz Wenzel says voter turnout will be key to determining who makes it into a runoff against Jon Ossoff. 

It is simply too close to call which of the Republicans will finish second and get into the runoff with Ossoff,” Wenzel said. ”Bob Gray has increased by one point up to 17%, while fellow Republican Karen Handel has decreased by a point, to 15%,  but the difference between them is statistically insignificant.

Despite raking in over $8 million in campaign contributions, Wenzel added that Ossoff appears unlikely to flip the Sixth District in a runoff with virtually any GOP candidate.

" The problem for Ossoff is that he has been unable to attract that half of the independent voters in the district skew Republican. That, combined with the reality that Democrat voters in the district are substantially outnumbered by Republicans, very likely seals his fate," he said. "Ossoff is likely to easily win the primary, but is just as likely to lose the runoff to whichever Republican comes in second place."

Conducted on April 14 and 15, the survey included 453 respondents. Of those, 41 percent have already cast an early ballot. 

According to election officials, nearly 55,000 have voted early so far. By comparison, 79,200 voted in the District's 1999 special election, and the area has grown substantially since then.

Check out the results below, and stay tuned for more to come tomorrow.