Dem. challenger to Rep. Collins says 2018 is ‘golden moment’ for party

At least one Democrat is jumping into the 2018 race for Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District. Newcomer Joshua McCall, who teaches Latin at Riverside Military Academy, will mount a bid against Republican Congressman Doug Collins.

McCall announced his candidacy Monday at a meeting of the Hall County Democrats. He later said in an interview that he believed Trump’s win in November presents a “golden moment” for the left.

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“A lot of people have looked at the election of Donald Trump as a great disaster, and in a lot of ways it was for a lot of people,” McCall said, according to the Gainesville Times. “But, in a different way, maybe it’s good that the Democratic Party was laid waste, so that people who have democratic principles, who actually believe in the equality of every single person … people like us can actually come up from the bottom… I believe that this is a really golden moment in history, if the Democratic Party wants to become a party again.”

Turning the Ninth District blue would be a challenge for even the best-known Democratic candidate. A Democrat challenger didn’t even appear on the ballot in the 2016 election cycle, and Democrat Jody Cooley, who ran against Collins in 2014, only pulled 24 percent of the vote.

Collins is currently serving his third term in the U.S. House, and is the fifth highest-ranking Republican leader.